Flexible Grouping and Learning Stations SIA Course

Impacting Your Learning

General Strategies in Actions Ideas and Suggestions

  1. Action-PlanAs you complete this course, take the time to develop an action plan to guide your next steps for implementing the strategies or practices.
    Download and complete the Learning-Focused Implementation Plan.
  2. It is important to quickly put what you learn into practice. As you learn about each strategy or practice, begin planning or revising your lesson plans and apply what you have learned with students.
  3. Keep a journal to record new insights and ideas to increase your effectiveness.
  4. Use the questions and activities provided to self-reflect and/or to guide discussions with a partner or among your team members.
  5. Keep a portfolio of student work that illustrates the impact of each strategy or practice on learning. Share these artifacts with team members.
  6. Collaborate often with a partner and/or team to plan and implement the strategies and practices you learn.
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