Flexible Grouping and Learning Stations SIA Course

Additional Formative Assessment Examples

Dear Teacher Letter.

Example: Write me a short letter in which you tell me what you know about the Bill of Rights. Why do we have it? What does it include?

Student with Thinking Bubble


What’s in My Head?

Students sketch an outline of a head and inside write what they already know about a topic.



Given an answer ( a word or phrase related to the standard), students write a list of possible questions that could be answered by the word or phrase.


• The answer is water cycle. What are possible questions?

• The answer is Pythagorean theorem. What are possible questions?

• The answer is figurative language. What are possible questions?solar sys


Draw a Diagram or Picture


• Draw a diagram of the solar system.

• Draw a plot diagram.

• Draw a clock that shows 8:30.

• Draw and label the parts of a plant.

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