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Why is the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework effective? Copy

While it is important for schools to use an instructional framework to guide planning for learning, it is important to adapt a framework that integrates grade level expectations, the most effective research-based strategies, higher order thinking, and practices for meeting the needs of all students. The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework is designed around several important principles that make it extremely effective.

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework is effective because it:

  1. Facilitates Intentional Planning
  2. Values Teachers as Professionals
  3. Provides Flexibility
  4. Integrates and Connects High Yield Strategies and Practices
  5. Embeds Formative Assessment
  6. Engages Students
  7. Facilitates Planning with the End in Mind
  8. Incorporates High Expectations with Rigor, Complexity, and Higher Order Thinking Strategies and Processes
  9. Accelerates Learning for All Students
  10. Provides a Structure for Cohesive Professional Learning

The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson is the base structure of an instructional framework that connects research-based and evidence-based strategies. With an instructional framework, all new professional development is integrated in the instructional framework, continuously strengthening and refining professional skills and knowledge. Assessment Prompts provides the knowledge, skills and practical planning steps for planning and using Assessment Prompts, one of the most important formative assessment tools.  


“The single biggest difference between exemplary and typical schools is how and when teachers plan.
-2004-2005 Evaluation Consortium

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