Learning-Focused Lessons MicroPD Course 4: Graphic Organizers

Why are Graphic Organizers Essential to Learning? Copy

You may not have specifically called them graphic organizers, but you have certainly used them both as a student and as a teacher.  Graphic organizers turn abstract concepts into concrete representations that visually show the most important points or ideas of a lesson. As a teacher, they enable you to emphasize the most important content and skills in your lessons and put the information in a succinct form that helps students make sense of what they are learning. Graphic organizers do much more than just organize, and when used effectively, they produce learning effects that are substantial and long lasting.

Using Graphic Organizers in Every Lesson:

  • Illustrates and explains text material
  • Connects thinking strategies and comprehension strategies to content learning
  • Assists students with organizing ideas
  • Organizes instruction in order to most effectively provide learning activities
  • Visually represents what students need to know and be able to do


What is the implication of the following Wahlberg quote?

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