Flexible Grouping and Learning Stations SIA Course

The Instructional Framework

Learning-Focused is the structure that education has been missing!”
Wake County, NC

With The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework, you will have the skills, knowledge and resources that will increase your teaching effectiveness and accelerate learning for all students. You will be planning and teaching lessons you believe in!

Learning-Focused is the instructional framework that provides a collaborative process of backward design planning of instruction to produce purposeful lessons. It streamlines the process of unpacking standards, mapping curriculum and embedding research-based and evidence-based instructional practices in every lesson so that achievement and growth is maximized for every single student.

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework is learned in 3 stages. The first stage is learning the basic framework – The High Performance Learning-Focused Lessons. It is the foundation for the framework. In The High Performance Learning-Focused Lessons you will learn how to plan and use the standards driven, backward planning Learning-Focused lesson. In stage 2 (Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons) and stage 3 (Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons) you will extend your knowledge and skills of the framework.

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