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In exemplary schools, teachers purposefully plan for formative assessments throughout the lesson to ensure that their students are able to complete a rigorous grade-level assignment. Assessment Prompts: The Key to Assessment for Learning provides the knowledge, skills and practical planning steps for planning and using Assessment Prompts, one of the most important formative assessment tools.


How are Assessment Prompts planned and used effectively in lessons?

When assessment is carefully planned and the information used to provide immediate feedback and adjust instruction as needed, both teaching and learning is more effective and efficient. Assessment Prompts: The Key to Assessment for Learning provides a practical, yet powerful process for planning and using on-going formative assessment to ensure that students meet established learning goals. Through a backward planning process, teachers are able identify gaps of knowledge before they get to the end of the lesson instead of finding out after they have moved on.


How does Assessment Prompts: The Key to Assessment for Learning help prepare students to be successful?

In order for students to meet the demands of current standards, assessments can no longer only be an event that happens after instruction to document whether or not students learned what was taught and to assign grades. Unlike summative assessment, formative assessment takes place during instruction providing a steady source of information about how student learning is progressing toward learning goals. When teachers use The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework to intentionally plan Assessment Prompts, all of these areas are addressed.

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