Flexible Grouping and Learning Stations SIA Course

Getting the Most Out of this Course

The ABC’s for Getting the Most Out of this Course

Here are some guidelines for maximizing your time and energy throughout this course.

Align Your Learning Goals

Identify your own personal learning goals based on what you learn, the learning goals of the workshop, and the learning goals of your school or district.

Be an active participant

Actively participate in the learning activities, reflection and review opportunities provided throughout this course.

Create an Implementation Plan

Create an implementation plan for how you will apply what you have learned. Do not try to do everything at once, but plan for gradual implementation with a focus on continuous growth towards quality.

Differentiate the content for yourself

Differentiate what you are learning to make it fit where you are as a professional; adapt what you see and hear to fit your style, your students’ needs, and the good things you are already doing.

Evaluate where you are

Evaluate what you hear and try in the workshop by asking, “How good am I at that?”, and “How can I get better?” Self-evaluation is the key to self-improvement, and adding even just a few strategies or ideas to your lessons will move you and your students forward.

Focus on continuous growth

Concentrate on learning something that will help you and your school. Do not allow others to stop or slow down your learning and growth with their negativity or cynicism.

Generate questions, comments, and ideas

Generate questions, comments and ideas about new things you learn in the workshop in order to know what you need to be successful planning and teaching new or adapted strategies and practices.

Hunt for Idea Treasures

Search for “Idea Treasures” and keep track of them on the Idea Treasures page. Look for 5-10 new or adapted things you can use tomorrow. Listen for, and look for, the treasures that challenge your current thought and actions. This is when you will learn to get better.

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