Flexible Grouping and Learning Stations SIA Course

Assessing During Learning Stations

  • Use the observations to provide feedback to students. Make sure to provide specific feedback, for example, “I noticed how focused you were when you made the list of prefixes from your story.”
  • Use the observations to challenge students. If students are proficient with a strategy, ask higher level questions which require the students to think on their own.
  • Listen to students as they explain what they are doing. Can they “talk the talk?”
  • Talk with students about setting goals and what is needed to accomplish those goals.
  • Score completed assignments.
  • Assess writing results with a rubric.
  • Review lists of words that the students have written (example: a list of prefixes that were found in the text).
  • Have students take a picture of completed work (example: students have written on a white board with their completed work; they take a picture of their work for evidence of completion. They erase the board for the next student).
  • A tape recorder may be used to record what is read. This works well in the Listening Station to check for fluency and cueing.
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