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Learning-Focused first shared research regarding what works in schools with district administrators and exposed them to the strategies that could transform good schools with good instructional techniques into school that are great. Indian River has emerged as “a model of excellence” in the state of Delaware.”

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Popular Topics for Keynotes, Seminars, Conference Sessions, and
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Leading with an Instructional Framework: How Good Schools Become Great! provides specific practices for making your students more successful and your teachers more effective. The biggest benefit of the Leading with an Instructional Framework: How Good Schools Become Great! seminar is that it provides the strategies and resources to benchmark your school’s practices to the practices of the 1,400 exemplary schools that are succeeding against all odds.

Exemplary schools and districts bring systemic change to classroom practices by implementing clear improvement goals that are articulated to all stakeholders, not only verbally but also through the actions of leadership. Quality data-driven and research-based professional development is a major factor in ensuring teachers are successfully able to implement identified improvement practices. Exemplary leaders use on-going assessment directly tied to the improvement goals to “check for understanding” and frequent monitoring and feedback on the development and use of skills is critical for teacher improvement.

Teachers are the number one factor that determines student achievement. All teachers want to be the best they can be for their students. They want to be sure they are using the most effective strategies and practices with their students.  With so many pieces in the “education puzzle”, teachers can easily become overwhelmed, overloaded with information, and fragmented in their efforts.  Learn how to focus teachers on the High Impact Exemplary practices that will skyrocket student achievement.

Do all of your teachers meet the needs of your students from poverty effectively and consistently? Provide your administrators with the specific strategies and practices that teachers can use to increase engagement and vocabulary development. The strategies and practices guide teachers to intentionally plan lessons that focus on building achievement growth for all students, especially those from poverty.

Schools are under pressure to catch all students up to grade level and provide all students with at least one year of achievement for each school year. Many schools struggle to meet these demands for their struggling students, which often results in less learning, low test scores and achievement gaps. Typical schools often focus their efforts on remediation, which goes backward in the curriculum and doesn’t prepare students to be successful with grade-level curriculum. Remediation alone is not sufficient for catching struggling students up to grade level for a number of reasons. Exemplary schools provide their teachers with a structure for meeting the needs of all students, especially those who require additional support. Learn about a framework for consistently planning and using specific strategies and practices before, during, and after exemplary lessons. This framework guides teachers as they intentionally plan strategies and practices that focus on building achievement growth for all students.

Reading comprehension and writing are the cornerstones for learning. Most lessons do not have the depth of focus on reading comprehension and writing that is necessary for acquiring knowledge and skills, applying knowledge and skills meaningfully, and demonstrating understanding of knowledge and skills effectively. The new generation of state standards emphasize literacy in all content areas. As such, all teachers must support their students’ development as readers and writers in the learning process. Planning and teaching lessons in which students use reading strategies and writing skills to learn the content not only builds academic success and closes achievement gaps, but is an expectation now.

A School Leader’s Guide to Literacy Success in the World of Higher Standards provides the structure for consistently focusing on reading comprehension and writing for learning in lessons. With the framework, teachers purposefully plan lessons that focus on connecting research-based and evidence-based strategies, higher order thinking, individual student needs, and literacy for all students while deepening understanding of academic content. Without a framework specifically designed to do this, it is nearly impossible for lessons to consistently increase literacy, build achievement growth, and close achievement gaps so effectively.
“The greatest part of the seminar was that everything I learned will work in the “real world”

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