Leading with an
Instructional Framework

How Good Schools Become Great! 

There are hundreds of teaching strategies and practices every educator should know, and more are added with every new book, article, or school professional development. With so many pieces to the “education puzzle” it is easy to get overwhelmed… without an instructional framework. Leading with an Instructional Framework is designed for school and district leaders looking to understand how highly effective schools use an Instructional Framework to….

  • Create a blueprint for consistently planning and using the most effective teaching strategies.
  • Ensure a purposeful focus on grade-level curriculum, assessments, and instruction.
  • Include the skills, knowledge, and resources for increasing rigor and accelerating learning for all students.


7 important reasons to attend this seminar…

1. Learn the impact of an Instructional Framework on student achievement.

2. Understand the importance of the Assignment Gap.

3. Discover the impact of Symphonic Planning.

4. Learn how an Instructional Framework unleashes professional teaching strengths.

5. Leave with ideas and strategies that can impact your school or district the next day.

6. Discover how exemplary schools implement comprehensive iniatives successfully.

7. Your students!

What Participants are Saying…

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Upcoming Locations

Not Able to Attend! Learning-Focused wants to partner with you!

Host the Leading with an Instructional Framework: How Good Schools Become Great! seminar at your district.

This powerful seminar will provide your district with important information about…

  • Innovative frameworks, strategies, and resources that are designed to increase teaching effectiveness and accelerate learning for all students.
  • How to create a common language and vision that helps you define your school or district’s pathway to exemplary!
  • The importance of symphonic planning to support your school or district’s improvement goals.
  • How to close the Knowing and Doing Gap with distributed professional development

Contact us to learn about the benefits of hosting this seminar.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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