Ideas to make the most of your remaining budget

The countdown to the end of the school year is ticking, and you are starting to talk about how to close out your budgets. You know if you don’t use it you lose it. The great news, we know how to help ensure your last minute spending will help you support your goals.

With all the great solutions Learning-Focused offers, how will you decide which option is best for you? We’ve created an interactive online tool to help you build your perfect bundle, whether you’re looking for onsite or online training, something faculty-wide or just for coaches, additional resources to help your teachers, something to do from the comfort of home or in a PLC… we have the perfect solution for you!

What are your Options?

Use the interactive slider tool to see how far you can stretch your remaining professional development budget!

Please note that prices are approximate, and may not include additional charges for shipping and handling or required workshop materials.

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Onsite Options

When a Learning-Focused expert visits with your site for the day, your teachers will walk away with strategies, practices, and ideas that will help make the planning process much smoother and quicker. Teachers will get one-on-one coaching on real lessons they have written for their own students, and an opportunity to revise existing lessons to beef them up and make them even more engaging and effective.

Is there a right way to teach vocabulary? Research says yes! In Effective Vocabulary Instruction for Learning-Focused Lessons, learn the best ways to help students become proficient with the most critical vocabulary they encounter. Which words should you teach? Which strategies should you use? And how do you make it engaging and fun? We’ll show you!

Reading is a complex process, so it is easily understandable that teaching students to read and comprehend is also complex. Effective reading instruction requires a balanced literacy approach, including guided reading, which is a critical part of addressing the needs of all students. In this workshop, learn how to create meaningful guided reading sessions.

20+ Titles to Choose From!

Dive deeper into a specific high-yield strategy or practice that results in significant student growth! With an onsite Strategies in Action workshop, a Learning-Focused expert will show (not tell!) your teachers the most effective ways to build students’ proficiency with specific strategies and practices. Teachers will walk away with lots of examples, non-examples, and incredible resources to support them for years to come!

Online Options

More than half of public school children in the US live in poverty, and the numbers are growing. Students from homes of poverty are more likely than their wealthier peers to have lower test scores, fall behind in school, drop out, and fail to graduate from college. To address these issues, it is important to not only understand the effects of poverty on students’ academic success, but also to take purposeful action to counter these effects by doing things differently. How do you engage, motivate, and raise achievement for students in high poverty schools? We have the answers!

With over 20 topics to choose from, Strategies in Action courses give teachers an in-depth look at specific strategies and practices that have the most impact on student success. These brief but highly engaging courses show teachers the best ways to support student learning, and are the perfect follow-up to a Learning-Focused onsite workshop. We know what works when it comes to increasing student achievement, and Strategies in Action courses are here to show you how to make it happen!

Join us for a three-part focus on beefing up the rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons! Higher Order Thinking is the number one strategy that increases student achievement, followed closely by Reading Comprehension Instruction and Writing to Raise Achievement! These strategies and practices can be tough to teach, but we will show you how to effectively plan and deliver the most engaging, rigorous instruction to boost student learning!

Most classrooms have students with a wide variety of ability and readiness levels – the struggling students who still need more support, and the higher-performing students who need opportunities to extend and build upon what they’ve learned so that they, too, can experience a year’s worth of growth. How do you handle it all? We have the answers for you! Stop “teaching to the middle” and learn how to focus support where students need it most!


Which types of questions are most important to ask students? How do you know if the questions you’re asking are effective and engaging? How do you know if they are the “just right” questions for the concept or skill? More importantly, are the questions you are asking building in complexity and leading to high-level thinking? The Strategies for Questioning flipchart gives strategies, question stems, and lots of examples of questions to ask that provide a differentiated questioning structure to meet the needs of all students. Teachers will quickly and easily identify the “just right” questions to ask during lessons, and student engagement and achievement will soar!