SIA Course*: Extended Reading Passages and Test Fluency

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EXTENDED-READING-PASSAGES-AND-TEST-FLUENCYThe newest generation of standards require morerigorous learning and are accompanied by more rigorous assessments. Learn practical strategies for preparing students to be successful on high stakes tests by aligning your classroom assessments to the same expectations. You will no longer need to spend weeks before major assessments doing test preparation. Learn how to integrate testing skills all year.

With Extended Reading Passages and Test Fluency you will learn to how to replicate the rigor of high stakes assessments by embedding the same types of items in your own assessments. You will examine the major shifts in high stakes testing and learn strategies for helping students be successful with Higher Order Thinking questions, extended reading passages and constructing writing responses. Rather than being separate from instruction, assessment fluency is developed as a regular part of instruction.



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