Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons MicroPD Course 3

Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons (Orange Book) MicroPD Course #3: Previewing Strategies

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When determining what and how to provide Previewing for struggling students, you will first need to consider the learning strategies, content, and processes identified by the Learning Goal(s) of each Learning Activity. Previewing Strategies do not just go over what is coming up in a lesson but involve specific strategies that prepare students to learn the content and concepts prior to lesson instruction so that they are prepared and motivated to learn alongside their peers.

In this MicroPD, you will learn how the purpose of Previewing Strategies is directly impacted by when and why you use them. You will also learn that while Text Structures are frequently used to help determine which graphic organizer should be used when reading and analyzing informational text, Story Maps are used to help students think about narrative texts. You will self-assess how you currently use Previewing Strategies and will plan for how you will use them differently in the future.


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