Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons MicroPD Course 4

Rigorous Lessons (Blue Book) MicroPD Course #4: Higher Order Thinking Strategies

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When students learn and use Higher Order Thinking Strategies independently, their achievement increases, their understanding of content deepens, and they retain, apply, and transfer their learning more effectively. This is a major reason why current standards strongly emphasize Higher Order Thinking. Because of the standards and the inclusion of Higher Order Thinking in high stakes assessments, the integration of Higher Order Thinking is an expectation in every lesson, every class. In this MicroPD, you will learn how to explicitly teach the Higher Order Thinking Strategy to students with familiar content before asking them to apply the strategy with lesson content. You will also learn how to incorporate the Higher Order Thinking Strategies into lessons, and gradually increase the complexity of thinking throughout lessons.



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