Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework: Stage 3

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework provides the structure, skills, knowledge and resources for the most effective teaching and for accelerating all of your students’ learning. With the framework, you will plan and teach lessons you believe in!

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework is learned in three professional development stages. The third stage, Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!, provides the resources, knowledge and skills for proactively planning and teaching using specific strategies and practices that result in all students learning grade level content faster, more effectively, and at a much higher level than is found in typical schools. Students who are one or more years behind will catch up with these strategies and practices. Instead of students gaining one year or less of learning per year of school, Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up! can increase achievement 1.5 – 3 years of learning per year of school!

Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up! builds on what teachers learn in The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson professional development and the Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading and Writing professional development by providing teachers with a process for identifying points in each lesson where students struggle or need more challenge, and strategies and practices for differentiating and personalizing each struggle and challenge point to ensure all students are successful.

Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!…

  • provides systematic support for struggling students so they catch up and successfully learn grade level concepts
  • challenges all students to learn at a high level
  • is a process for identifying struggle and challenge points in each lesson, with strategies and practices to address them
  • makes a direct connection between research and application
  • provides a clear path to move beyond remediation in order to catch kids up!

Learn more about the High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson (stage 1) and Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading and Writing (stage 2).

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Distributed Professional Development

Our Distributed Professional Development model prevents teacher frustration, allows for rich job-embedded learning, and provides time for mastery of the planning process and teaching using the top learning strategies. After the initial workshop or course, teachers participate in a series of distributed MicroPD sessions that include online courses on specific strategies and practices and support meetings.  This continuous, distributed learning process provides teachers with time to develop knowledge and skills, increasing their success rate for mastery implementation.

How do you ensure all students are appropriately challenged and successful?

Girl holding A+ paperExemplary teachers set high expectations for student learning, but they are also proactive and committed to implementing strategies for helping students meet those expectations. With Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!, teachers use effective and expeditious teaching and learning practices for supporting and challenging students before, during, and after a lesson to ensure that each student reaches their academic potential.

Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up! provides a system for implementing strategies and practices that support struggling students with learning grade level concepts and supports the needs of students who require extra challenge. These strategies and practices integrate seamlessly into the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework in order to personalize instruction and accelerate learning so all students meet or exceed grade-level expectations.

Learn More about Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!

Resources for Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!

  • Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up! Book
  • Accelerating Learning for All Students Flipchart
  • The School Leader’s Guide to Acceleration Book
  • Differentiated Assignments Books and Flipcharts
  • Vocabulary Instruction Book and Flipchart
  • Training of Trainers Institute
  • Strategies in Action Books and Courses


Professional Development is available on all resources. Call 866-955-3276 or click here for your customized quote for purchasing resources or scheduling professional development.

Once teachers are planning and teaching rigorous Learning-Focused Lessons effectively, in Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!, they will learn how to fully engage all students and meet individual academic needs to dramatically build achievement. Learn to seamlessly add specific acceleration strategies and practices to your Learning-Focused Lessons that catch struggling kids up to grade level and challenge those performing highly to apply knowledge in new ways. Systematic implementation of Previewing, Scaffolding, and Differentiation is critical for fully engaging all students, raising achievement of all students and closing the achievement gap. For your struggling students, you will learn how to put strategies into practice that meet their specific academic needs in order to catch them up to grade level. You will also learn which strategies to implement that move your typical students to a higher level, and strategies that challenge your highest level students to apply their knowledge and skills in new and diverse ways.

Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Analyze lessons for rigorous Learning Goals and Lesson Essential Questions that reflect the rigor of standards
  • Differentiate Assignments to meet the needs of each student
  • Proactively plan and use previewing strategies and practices to build background knowledge prior to lessons
  • Proactively plan and use and scaffolding strategies and practices to support all students throughout lesson instruction

Essential Question: How do you analyze Learning-Focused Lessons to accelerate learning for all students?

  • Acceleration vs. Remediation
  • Proactive Planning
  • Acceleration Practices
  • Accelerating a Learning-Focused Lesson
  • Planning the Lesson Curriculum
  • Differentiated Assignments
  • Accelerating Lesson Instruction
    • Previewing
    • Scaffolding
  • Engaging in Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons Distributed Professional Development

MicroPD Session #1: Planning an Accelerated Learning-Focused Lesson

MicroPD Session #2: Differentiated Assignments

MicroPD Session #3: Previewing Strategies

MicroPD Session #4: Scaffolding Strategies

MicroPD Session #5: Remediation

MicroPD Session #6: Review

MicroPD Session #7: Organizing Acceleration

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